Botrytis allii

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sliced onion bulbs infected with Botrytis allii
Author(s): Howard F. Schwartz (Colorado State University)
Source: IPM Images

Botrytis allii Munn 1917

This fungus is very similar in its biology and taxonomy to Botrytis aclada. Both species are widely distributed and cause neck rot and bulb rot in stored onions. Onion bulbs become susceptible to the disease when they are harvested too early and are not cured and dried properly. Although infection by B. allii already occurs in the field, rotting only starts later in storage and can result in substantial losses. Rotting begins at the necks and then spreads through the whole bulb. Eventually, sclerotia and spores are formed on the bulb surface.

B. allii and B. aclada can also cause scape blight and umbel blight in the field, resulting in lesions and necrosis of the stems and flowers respectively. These diseases reduce mainly the seed production of the crop.