Biocontrol Science and Technology (2002) 12, 625-630

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R. Guetsky, Y. Elad, D. Shtienberg and A. Dinoor (2002)
Improved biocontrol of Botrytis cinerea on detached strawberry leaves by adding nutritional supplements to a mixture of Pichia guilermondii and Bacillus mycoides
Biocontrol Science and Technology 12 (5), 625-630
Abstract: Nutrient availability is one of the factors that govern the efficacy of biocontrol. The contribution of 14 different vitamins, amino acids and nutritional supplement combinations to suppression of Botrytis cinerea by Bacillus mycoides and Pichia guilermondii, alone or in a mixture, was tested on detached strawberry leaflets. Some of the nutritional supplements reduced B. cinerea development and improved biocontrol efficacy. Addition of nutritional supplements to a mixture of the biocontrol agents further improved control efficacy.
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Database assignments for author(s): D. Shtienberg, Yigal Elad

Research topic(s) for pests/diseases/weeds:
biocontrol - natural enemies
Research topic(s) for beneficials or antagonists:
formulation/storage of bioagents

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Beneficial Pest/Disease/Weed Crop/Product Country Quarant.

Botrytis cinerea Strawberry (Fragaria)
Meyerozyma guilliermondii (antagonist) Botrytis cinerea Strawberry (Fragaria)
Bacillus mycoides (antagonist) Botrytis cinerea Strawberry (Fragaria)