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  Pests, diseases, weeds  
Plant pathogens
Bacteria (115 species)
Fungi & similar organisms (819 species)
Plant viruses (427 species)
Other pathogens (56 species)
Insect plant pests
Coleoptera (519 species)
Hemiptera/Homoptera (515 species)
Lepidoptera (391 species)
plant parasitic Diptera (153 species)
Other insect plant pests (331 species)
Other pest groups - weeds
Plant parasitic nematodes (124 species)
Veterinary/medical pests (582 species)
Weeds, parasitic plants (873 species)
Various other groups (186 species)

Welcome to the Pest Information Wiki
With 138255 research publications and other information on pests, diseases and weeds
Organized by the International Society for Pest Information (ISPI)

Selected publications of the week
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Agrilus planipennis IPM2100048.jpgJournal of Pest Science (2015) 88, 267-279
Michael J. Domingue, Drew P. Pulsifer, Akhlesh Lakhtakia, Jennifer Berkebile, Kim C. Steiner, Jonathan P. Lelito, Loyal P. Hall and Thomas C. Baker (2015)
Detecting emerald ash borers (Agrilus planipennis) using branch traps baited with 3D-printed beetle decoys
Anopheles gambiae mosquito feeding 1354.p lores.jpgPLoS ONE (2015) 10 (4 - e0123415)
David J. Menger, Philemon Omusula, Maarten Holdinga, Tobias Homan, Ana S. Carreira, Patrice Vandendaele, Jean-Luc Derycke, Collins K. Mweresa, Wolfgang Richard Mukabana, Joop J.A. van Loon and Willem Takken (2015)
Field evaluation of a push-pull system to reduce malaria transmission
CulexPipiens.jpgMedical and Veterinary Entomology (2015) 29, 115-123
M.L. Fritz, E.D. Walker, J.R. Miller, D.W. Severson and I. Dworkin (2015)
Divergent host preferences of above- and below-ground Culex pipiens mosquitoes and their hybrid offspring
Vertebrate pests
Rattus rattus 01.JPGWildlife Research (2015) 42, 86-97
Peter B. Banks and Helen M. Smith (2015)
The ecological impacts of commensal species: black rats, Rattus rattus, at the urban–bushland interface
Wild Boar Habbitat 3.jpgPLoS ONE (2015) 10 (8 - e0133771)
Meredith L. McClure, Christopher L. Burdett, Matthew L. Farnsworth, Mark W. Lutman, David M. Theobald, Philip D. Riggs, Daniel A. Grear and Ryan S. Miller (2015)
Modeling and mapping the probability of occurrence of invasive wild pigs across the contiguous United States
Plant pathology
PDB 1ib1 EBI.jpgMolecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2015) 28, 511-518
Rosa Lozano-Durán and Silke Robatzek (2015)
14-3-3 proteins in plant-pathogen interactions
Beta-aminobutyric acid.svgAnnual Review of Phytopathology (2015) 53, 97-119
Uwe Conrath, Gerold J.M. Beckers, Caspar J.G. Langenbach and Michal R. Jaskiewicz (2015)
Priming for enhanced defense
Puccinia coronata IPM5378867.jpgPlant Pathology (2015) 64, 748-753
M.K. Grimmer, L.A. Boyd, S.M. Clarke and N.D. Paveley (2015)
Pyramiding of partial disease resistance genes has a predictable, but diminishing, benefit to efficacy
Plant quarantine
D suzukii male1.jpgEPPO Bulletin (2015) 45, 223-239
K. Steffen, F. Grousset, G. Schrader, F. Petter and M. Suffert (2015)
Identification of pests and pathogens recorded in Europe with relation to fruit imports
Weed science
Lolium multiflorum JuliaKruse.jpgPLoS ONE (2015) 10 (8 - e0135328)
Silvia Panozzo, Michele Colauzzi, Laura Scarabel, Alberto Collavo, Valentina Rosan and Maurizio Sattin (2015)
iMAR: An interactive web-based application for mapping herbicide resistant weeds


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