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  Pests, diseases, weeds  
Plant pathogens
Bacteria (97 species)
Fungi and relatives (824 species)
Plant viruses (422 species)
Other pathogens (57 species)
Insect plant pests
Coleoptera (521 species)
Hemiptera/Homoptera (516 species)
Lepidoptera (396 species)
plant parasitic Diptera (155 species)
Other insect plant pests (332 species)
Other pest groups - weeds
Plant parasitic nematodes (125 species)
Veterinary/medical pests (582 species)
Weeds, parasitic plants (878 species)
Various other groups (186 species)

Welcome to the Pest Information Wiki
With 128027 research publications and other information on pests, diseases and weeds
Organized by the International Society for Pest Information (ISPI)

Selected publications of the week
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IPMimage1262033.jpgJournal of Economic Entomology (2014) 107, 496-507
Bruce E. Tabashnik, David Mota-Sanchez, Mark E. Whalon, Robert M. Hollingworth and Yves Carrière (2014)
Defining terms for proactive management of resistance to Bt crops and pesticides
Aedes aegypti bloodfeeding detail proboscis CDC Gathany.jpgParasites and Vectors (2014) 7 (68) - Genetic control of Aedes ...
Peter Winskill, Angela F. Harris, Siân A. Morgan, Jessica Stevenson, Norzahira Raduan, Luke Alphey, Andrew R. McKemey and Christl A. Donnelly (2014)
Genetic control of Aedes aegypti: data-driven modelling to assess the effect of releasing different life stages and the potential for long-term suppression
Pest resistance labelled light.svgPest Management Science (2014) 70, 690-697
Raul Narciso C. Guedes and G. Christopher Cutler (2014)
Insecticide-induced hormesis and arthropod pest management
Dendroctonus ponderosae IPM5288099.jpgJournal of Pest Science (2014) 87, 61-69
Davide Rassati, Edoardo Petrucco Toffolo, Alain Roques, Andrea Battisti and Massimo Faccoli (2014)
Trapping wood boring beetles in Italian ports: a pilot study
Cydia.pomonella.7162.jpgPlant Protection Science (2014) 50, 97-110
A. Sciarretta and P. Trematerra (2014)
Geostatistical tools for the study of insect spatial distribution: practical implications in the integrated management of orchard and vineyard pests
Rhipicephalus sanguineus.jpgParasites and Vectors (2014) 7 (2) - The enigma of the dog mummy ...
Domenico Otranto, Jean-Bernard Huchet, Alessio Giannelli, Cecile Callou and Filipe Dantas-Torres (2014)
The enigma of the dog mummy from Ancient Egypt and the origin of `Rhipicephalus sanguineus '
Plant pathology
Ditylenchus dipsaci IPM0162060.jpgPhytopathology (2014) 104, 306-312
Martin Marek, Miloslav Zouhar, Ondrej Douda, Marie Manasová and Pavel Rysánek (2014)
Exploitation of FTA cartridges for the sampling, long-term storage, and DNA-based analyses of plant-parasitic nematodes
Botrytis conidiophore 40X.pngPest Management Science (2014) 70, 1008-1016
Michael K. Grimmer, Frank van den Bosch, Stephen J. Powers and Neil D. Paveley (2014)
Evaluation of a matrix to calculate fungicide resistance risk
Weed science
Starr 070215-4478 Falcataria moluccana.jpgBiological Invasions (2014) 16, 705-719
Ian A. Dickie, Brett M. Bennett, Larry E. Burrows, Martin A. Nuñez, Duane A. Peltzer, Annabel Porté, David M. Richardson, Marcel Rejmánek, Philip W. Rundel and Brian W. van Wilgen (2014)
Conflicting values: ecosystem services and invasive tree management
IPMimage0580002.jpgOecologia (2014) 175, 129-138
James O. Eckberg, Brigitte Tenhumberg and Svata M. Louda (2014)
Native insect herbivory limits population growth rate of a non-native thistle


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